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Music Videos

What's All This Talk?!

I wrote this song just before the U.S. elections of 2020 and then sat on it until I saw that the attack of the Capitol Building was the perfect expression of everything the song was protesting about.... So here it is: "What's All This Talk?!"

Since You Left Me

This is the first of my videos that I have shot in 4k, with my new DJI Osmo camera.  A real walk in the park - with jugglers, acrobats, musicians...and my song "Since You Left Me," from my CD, "Out of a Jam," in its official video.  Only three more videos remaining to do from that album....  


Borderline is the fifth song I have released from the five recorded at the Melodium Studios in 2014.  In this video I did a kind of amalgamation of all the other styles and ideas from the other videos.  Borderline is one of my many songs on the theme of crazy people and crazy life - which I must be crazy myself to be attracted to....

If I Only Had You

If I Only Had You is the fourth song I have released from the five recorded at the Melodium Studios in 2014.  On this song I invited Raphaëlle Bouskela to join in on the backup vocals, and she adds a whole new dimension to the song, in both the harmonies, and especially the solo vocal part at the end, where she uses her voice like another of the instruments.

Mad World (cover of Tears for Fears song) © BMG Chrysalis

I have been covering the Tears for Fears classic for years, and finally got around to recording it in the studio in 2014, and decided that of all the songs I sing, this was the mad one where in the video I could go mad with some of my other mad occupations from my distant - and not so distant - past, like juggling, unicycling and ventriloquism....

Crazy Lady

My song Crazy Lady was so difficult to imagine how to illustrate with a video that I decided to use a number of scenes from films in the public domain, choosing the scenes that seemed best to illustrate the story of the song.  

When You're Gone Away

This is the first release of my songs recorded in the Melodium Studios in Montreuil, France.  We decided that the best way to illustrate "When You're Gone Away," was a video filmed in and around the streets of Paris in the night - thinking about, and singing, the lyrics of the song....

Not Much in the Mood

"Not Much in the Mood" is a song I wrote when I was 16 or 17 years old, and that for some reason I managed to remember the words to all my life since then.   That may be because they are about as simple as they can get, with a very straightforward song structure.  But I still enjoy singing this song (although I had to transpose the chords as my voice aged).   This video is simply a collection of relevant photos from my life since I wrote the song, from teenage time to today.

Mad World - around the (mad) world

I felt the times around the world were such that a video compilation of all of the recordings I did of the Tears for Fears song "Mad World" could be a fun and interesting thing to do.... So I did this compilation of me playing and singing "Mad World" around the world over the last 6 years. Suddenly realized how often I sing it! The backing soundtrack is the version of the song I did on my CD, "Out of a Jam," available at all the usual musical sites (iTunes, BandCamp, Spotify, etc.) But in the video there are occasional intrusions of the live recordings...!!!! So here is a Mad World, from Paris to Melbourne, to Sao Paulo, to New York City, South Korea, and lots of places in between!!!

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